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DRYCRETE Moisture Stop


DRYCRETE Moisture Stop is a user-friendly, environmentally safe, white (clear-drying), non- flammable, penetrating liquid which is non-toxic, with zero VOC. It readily penetrates deep into substrate, using concrete’s natural porosity, depositing internally produced colloidal silicate residual (gel), that subsequently form an insoluble unique 100% solids water and contaminant barrier, as it reacts with un-hydrated cement (free alkali) within the concrete slab. This 100% solids integral barrier contains its very own extremely tiny pore network, uniquely and effectively mimicking the pouring of concrete within concrete.

RECOMMENDED USE: DRYCRETE Moisture Stop is recommended as a densifier and moisture vapor blocker prior to the application of cementitious overlays, epoxy coatings, traditional flooring materials, and in concrete polishing applications. It can be used for related decorative concrete applications including flatwork, stamped and textured concrete, concrete counter tops, concrete masonry units, stucco, mortar, grout, and most any other Portland cement based surface.


  • Exhibits a high degree of penetration without leaving any residue on the surface.
  • Significantly decreases un-hydrated cement (free alkali) thereby increasing concrete’s density.
  • Reduces permeability by > 97%.
  • Highly effective in protecting the concrete surface against acid & salt/chemical erosion.
  • Formulated using “green technology” and LEED credit qualification.
  • No harmful fumes or objectionable odors for trouble free applications on interior projects.
  • Ready to use formula allows for easy application and labor cost savings on the job.
  • Can be placed on fresh concrete. No waiting period.

COVERAGE: Once the surface porosity has been opened sufficiently, apply the DRYCRETE™ Moisture Stop at a coverage rate of 200 sq ft per gallon on broom finished floors and 300 sq ft per gallon on steel troweled floors. Use a low pressure pump up sprayer or a medium to high-pressure airless paint sprayer with a fan-style tip. On vertical surfaces, begin the application at the lowest point in elevation and work toward the highest point in an east-west manner, where north points toward the highest elevation point. On flat surfaces, once you complete the application, broom or squeegee off any excess DRYCRETE™ Moisture Stop to avoid puddling.

AVAILABLE IN:  1 Gallon (3.78 L), 5 Gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, and 265 gallon tote (1000L)

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