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Verta Stone: One Day Wall System

An easy to use three-component series of admixtures and surface treatments


Specco’s Vertastone™ One Day Wall System is an easy to use three-component series of admixtures and surface treatments which can be added to regular low slump concrete to provide a form-free stackable, slow setting concrete that can be carved, stamped or formed to simulate realistic stonework. Component A “Wall Aid” is a modified mid-range plasticizing admixture which allows higher early strength formation of the concrete by reducing water demand by approx. 15-20%. Component B, “Slow Set” is a viscosity modifying, set retarding admixture which provides added rheology (thickness) of the mix to allow concrete stacking without form support, as well as extending final set times to allow the primary carving of the surface. Component C, “Easy Slick” is a topically applied surface finishing treatment which extends tooling time and allows delayed hydration at the surface for final stamping and texturizing needs. 


  • Allows placement of free-standing walls without additional formwork or support structures. 
  • Walls can be carved, stamped, and stained to mimic realistic natural stone formations 
  • Pouring form free allows great labor savings to traditional cast retaining walls 
  • Cast walls will be monolithic in structure and more resistant to any movement or blowout than walls made of individual cmu’s (cast masonry block units) or by use of actual stones. 
  • Walls can be customized and colorized to match or enhance the natural surroundings or buildings 

SURFACE PREPARATION: Areas to have walls erected should have a proper footing base poured and installed with sufficient exposed rebar to bond to the newly constructed wall.