Formulations designed to color concrete and masonry structures, while retaining both the texture and the natural characteristics of the surface.


Specco StampGuard is a clear acrylic copolymer, solvent-based, curing, sealing, and hardening compound for decorative “texture stamped” concrete or thin-set stamped overlayments. StampGuard will form an impervious film that is resistant to the alkali present in cement and will retain moisture for freshly placed concrete ensuring proper strength development. StampGuard provides a protective seal on the surface that is resistant to mild acid, alkali, and salt attack, and will not support mold growth. StampGuard will increase the stain resistance of the concrete and allow easier cleaning, maintenance, and extended wear. StampGuard is also ideal for use on “dry shake” colored concrete, acid-stained concrete, as well as decorative precast concrete such as table or countertops. 


  • Provides high gloss “wet look” sheen 
  • Highlights and enhances the concrete color tones 
  • Hardens new concrete by providing proper cure 
  • Provides “anti-spall” protection against salt attack 
  • Non-yellowing formula designed for maximum resistance against sun degradation 
  • Durable film with excellent gloss retention 

SEALING: StampGuard requires no pre-blending or mixing. Apply to concrete by sprayer, short nap (solvent resistant) roller, or lamb’s wool applicator. Hand-held “pump” sprayers should be of chemical resistant design so they will not be damaged from the solvent in the StampGuard. First, apply an initial light mist coat (very thin) with the sprayer to help break the surface tension and allow even absorption of the StampGuard into the concrete. Avoid puddling or excess application thickness which can lead to a mottling (uneven sealer absorption) or “out gassing” (bubbling of sealer in the stamped recessed joints) (See Cautions). After the first coat has dried (typically in 3-4 hours at ambient conditions), a second application can be made to provide both a more positive, uniform seal as well as a higher degree of gloss. Take care to spray in even, uniform patterns, avoiding sprayer drip marks and overspray to surrounding vegetation or windows.