Cement based rapid setting mortar for repairs requiring very fast strength gain in cold temperatures and high ulitmate strengths.  Complies with ASTM-C928 Class R-3 specifications.


Speccrete® Highway Repair 928 is a specially formulated, single component, very rapid hardening, early strength gaining cement based concrete patching mortar. Speccrete® Highway Repair 928 may be used above or below grade on horizontal concrete surfaces or specifically for applications under constant moisture contact. Product uses include repair to highways, bridge decks, industrial floors, ramps, loading docks, parking garage decks and driveways. Speccrete® Highway Repair contains non-chloride accelerators for use in cold weather or sub freezing applications down to 0F.


  • Ideal for cold weather applications.
  • Fast setting, non-shrink formulation with a tenacious bond.
  • Very rapid high early strength.
  • Resistant to freeze thaw and deicing chemicals.
  • Minimal substrate downtime, open to foot traffic in 2 hours and vehicle traffic in 3 hours.
  • Top coats may be applied in as little as 4 hours.

COMPOSITION:  Cement, plasticizers, silica fume and selected aggregates. This product contains no added chlorides that contribute to reinforcement steel corrosion, and contains no gypsum-based components.

TECHNICAL DATA: Complies with ASTM C-928 Class R3 Specifications for Packaged, Dry, Very Rapid Hardening Cementitious Materials.

AVAILABLE IN: 50 lb. (22.72 kg) bags