SPECCRETE® G-20 Iron Grout

Cement based, metallic, high strength grout ideal for setting or anchoring machinery exposed to movement or vibration.


Speccrete® G-20 Iron Grout is a blend of Portland cement, selected processed aggregates, clean, coarse and fine iron particles, and specific chemical additives. Speccrete® G-20 is a non-shrink formulation suitable for interior or exterior use and may be used in moist and humid conditions. Speccrete® G-20 is designed for grouting applications exposed to continued vibration or impact, and produces a tight surface oxidation and will not allow rusting of the inner iron particles. Due to the elongated shape of the iron particles in Speccrete® G-20, the product produces better vibration resistance than grouts containing round shape iron particles. Speccrete® G-20 can be used for anchor bolts, setting machinery structural members, embedding signs or posts in or on fully cured concrete.


  • Elongated, coarse iron aggregate add vibrational stability.
  • High compressive strengths at all stages.
  • Quick setting.
  • Contains no added chlorides.
  • Mix with water only.
  • Non-shrink.

COMPOSITION: Portland cement, selected aggregates, iron particles and chemical additives

TECHNICAL DATA: The following test results are based on a plastic consistency (120% flow) using a water to powder ratio of 3.85 quarts water per 60# bag. More or less water may be added to Speccrete® G-20 Iron Grout to meet the consistency requirements of your application as shown on reverse page, thus increasing or decreasing average yield and strength.

FREIGHT CLASS: Item #42130, Sub 0, LTL 50- Cement based grouting material in bags.

AVAILABLE IN: 60 lb. (27.2 kg) bags