SPECCRETE® Construction Grade Grout

Cement based, non-shrink, non-metallic, utlity grout. Complies with ASTM-C1107 Grade B.


Speccrete® Construction Grade Grout is a pre-blended, non-shrink, non-ferrous, high strength cementitious grout that is used to compensate for the normal shrinkage of mortar and concrete and to absorb and minimize the effects of vibration on foundations. Construction Grade Grout is non-corrosive, non-staining and meets the nonshrink requirements of CRD C-621. Some common grouting applications for Construction Grade Grout include: Structural columns, pump equipment and machinery bases, bearing plates, dowel and rebar placement, rail posts, seating bolts, precast tee joints, post tension cables and repairing structural cracks. Use Specco’s specially modified Construction Grade Grout “NS” for precast bedding grout applications.  


  • May be used from dry pack to flowable.
  • Contains no added chlorides.
  • Controlled expansion.
  • High strength.
  • Non-corrosive, non-staining, and non-metallic.

COMPOSITION: Portland cement, selected aggregates and chemical additives. This product contains no calcium chloride or intentionally added chlorides that contribute to reinforcement steel corrosion.

TECHNICAL DATA: Speccrete® Construction Grade Grout complies with ASTM C-1107 Grade C, CRD C-621, ASTM C109, ASTM C-348, CRD –C588, CRD C-226, CRD C-266, ASTM C-588, AASHTO T-161B.

MIXING: Mix Construction Grade Grout using a mortar mixer. Mixing time is under five minutes. The mixed product should be placed immediately after mixing. Concrete mixers, vertical shaft mixers or propeller mixers are not recommended.  

FREIGHT CLASS: Item #42130, Sub 0, LTL 50- Cement based grouting material in bags.

AVAILABLE IN: 50 lb. (22.70 kg) bags