General-purpose cement-based patching mortar for concrete and masonry


Speccopatch RS is a general-purpose cement-based patching mortar for concrete and masonry that
requires only the addition of potable water for mixing. Speccopatch RS can be shaved to level the repair back to
uniform condition and exhibits high compressive and bond strengths, along with good weathering properties. Typical uses are interior or exterior, above or below grade, on vertical, horizontal, and overhead surfaces without forms. Common applications
include repairs on concrete pipe, manholes, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, steps, walls, panels, ceilings, balconies, highway
applications, and related flatwork.


  • Meets ASTM C928 Type R2 Mortar specifications 
  • Ideal for vertical and overhead repairs
  • Excellent trowel ability and finishing 
  • 28 day compressive strengths > 7000 p.s.i. 
  • Light gray color for the uniform match to the substrate.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply Speccrete® Speccopatch RS between 1/4 inch minimum to 2 inch maximum thickness with
no aggregate and 2 inches plus with aggregate. Always overfill the area to be patched. Force Speccrete® Speccopatch RS into
the area to be patched by trowel and trowel to the intended shape. Once initial set has occurred, shave the patch to the
desired finish. Always shave towards the bond lines. Finish with a steel trowel. If applying in successive lifts, allow preceding lift
to stiffen to harden before applying fresh material. Clean tools with water immediately after use. Please contact Specco
technical service for conditions not specified or application procedures not noted, at 800-441-6646.CURING: Cure Speccrete®
Speccopatch RS with damp cure method if any surface treatment is to be used, or with a quality cure and seal compound such
as Specco Envirocure 1315. Curing should be considered mandatory, especially in hot, windy weather, direct sunlight, and thin patches.