Water based silicate and siliconate solution for hardening and waterproofing existing concrete surfaces subject to high salt exposure or to decrease surface permeability in precast.

Potassium Silicate & Siliconate
Ideal For Exterior Concrete
Dries With Only Slight Darkening
Water Bead & Salt Protection With Densification



Salt Shield is a ready to use, colorless, odorless, penetrating, protective concrete sealer. Salt Shield is formulated to densify, dust proof and harden untreated concrete surfaces by creating a permanent closed cell, less porous substrate. Salt Shield also contains a water repellent additive to decrease surface absorption and provide improved water beading. Treated surfaces are more resistant to water and deicing salt intrusion, as well as acids, oils, grease and other contaminants. Salt Shield is recommended for cured (hardened) concrete use only, not on newly poured (fresh) concrete. Typical applications include driveways, walkways, loading docks, garages (residential and commercial), ramps, and steps. Salt Shield is also used in precast manhole applications to provide decreased surface permeability for improved vacuum testing results.


  • Increases wear resistance for improved surface strength.
  • Excellent dustproofing.
  • Provides added water repellency.
  • Decreased permeability of the surface.
  • Improved stain resistance.
  • Applies in one flood coat.
  • V.O.C. compliant.
  • Odorless, non-yellowing water based formulation.

COMPOSITION: Water base silicate and silicone dispersions with added penetrating agents. Contains no waxes or stearates.

TECHNICAL DATA: Contains less than 100 g/L (0.83 lbs./gal.) volatile organic compounds for concrete sealers. Meets Architectural Coatings Section 183(e) Final Rule limit and all National AIM specifications for all states.

COVERAGE: The following coverage rates are approximate and for estimating purposes only. Specco recommends that a test application be made on the actual surface to be treated, to accurately determine coverage rates, effectiveness and influence on surface appearance aesthetics.

Concrete – steel troweled – 200 to 250 square feet per gallon
Concrete – broom finished – 150 to 200 square feet per gallon
Concrete – precast – 100 to 150 square feet per gallon