Blend of fumeless acids and detergents specially formulated for removing iron and rust deposits from concrete or masonry surfaces.


Rust Buster C-22 solution is a blend of odorless acids and surfactants formulated for removal of metallic discoloration stains from brick, stone and concrete surfaces. Rust Buster C-22 effectively dissolves and removes surface rust stains caused from corroded metal contact, hardwater stains, snowplough abrasion, or fertilizer deposits. Rust Buster C-22 is suitable for use on flatwork or precast concrete, concrete masonry block, clay brick, terra cotta, and some natural stone surfaces such as limestone, and unpolished marble, granite, slate and sandstone. Typical applications include patios, driveways, parking lots,pool decks, and related flatwork surfaces.


  • Removes tough iron & metallic stains efficiently.
  • Releases minimal fumes unlike hydrochloric acid based cleaners.
  • Safer then muriatic on contact with skin
  • High solids, concentrated formulation allows for economical dilution.

COMPOSITION:  Blend of phosphoric, oxalic, sulfamic, and citric acid compounds with added neutralizing detergents, drying agents and surfactants. Contains no muriatic acid.

DILUTION & COVERAGE RATES: Handle Rust Buster C-22 in polyethylene or polypropylene buckets only, as acidic materials will attack metal. Always pour cold water into the bucket first and then add Rust Buster C-22 solution to the water. Do not use hot water for dilution. Apply Rust Buster C-22 solution to a small test area to determine suitability and results before making the overall application. Dilution rates can be adjusted based on this pre-test where upon the Rust Buster C-22 cleaner can be used straight (as is) as a concentrate on very tough stains (such as from snow ploughs), or diluted with one part of concentrate and up to three parts potable water for more shallow surface stains. Typical coverage rates are approximately 100-200 square feet per gallon average of diluted Rust Buster C-22 cleaner, with textured or porous surfaces usually lower at approx. 100 square feet per gallon and harder, denser, less absorbent surfaces at a higher rate of 200 square feet per gallon

SHIPPING NAMES: UN1805, Phosphoric Acid Solution, Corrosive Liquid, 8, III


CAUTIONS: Crete Be Gone C-55 Concentrate is only corrosive to aluminum and should not be applied to any aluminum surfaces. C

AVAILABLE IN: 1 Gallon (3.78 L), 5 Gallon (18.9 L) pails,  55 gallon (208 L) drums