Premium, solvent based, petroleum oil based, chemically reactive clear release agent designed for metal and aluminum forms for architectural grade quality release. VOC<250 g/L


RA-230 Release Oil is a highly effective, low viscosity, oil based release compound for use on metal, aluminum, fiberglass, urethane or ABS based molds. RA-230 Release Oil contains a chemically reactive base that upon contact with cement alkalinity creates a water-insoluble film on the form’s surface that prevents adhesion or sticking of the concrete. Surface voids and related defects are reduced as the film formation helps promote displacement of trapped air. RA-230 Release Oil is non-staining and clear in color, which makes it safe to use on white or colored concrete to obtain an architectural grade concrete surface. RA-230 Release Oil will not transfer or initiate adverse inter-coat adhesion of subsequent applied coatings, caulks, or sealants. Concrete form surfaces are left free of any residual contaminant build-up, which allows easier cleaning and stripping properties and extends form life.


  • Clear, non-staining composition.
  • Eliminates surface voids.
  • Leaves not film or deposit build up.
  • VOC complaint in most states.
  • Helps keep forms clean.
  • Provides long form life.

COMPOSITION:  Proprietary blend of vegetable oils and surface acting chemicals in a hydrocarbon solution.

VOC COMPLIANCE: RA-230 Release Oil is VOC compliant product safe to use in all states with the exception of California (CARB and SCAQMD). It contains less than 250 g/L (2.08 lb. /gal.) volatile organic compounds which meets existing form release agent VOC (VOM) regulations under the EPA’s National AIM (Architectural and Industrial Maintenance) listings for all states including OTC and LADCO region states.

SHIPPING NAMES: If over 119 gallon single container (tote): NA 1993, Combustible Liquid, N.O.S., Hazard Class: Combustible, Packing Group III, (Compounded Lubricating Oil). Note- Not regulated and no placards required if shipping container is less than 119 gallons capacity. For Combustible Liquid Exemption, refer to CFR 49,173.150 paragraph H.


AVAILABLE IN: 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, 265 gallon (1000 L) containers