Liquid V.M.A. for improved mortar workability, bond and tooling properties in hot weather.


Specco Masonry Aid #190 is a neutral, biodegradable, liquid chemical additive that is designed to prevent or reduce bleeding, segregation, shrinkage and cracking that are commonplace in in mortar, stucco, plaster and grout mixes. Masonry Aid #190 may be used as direct or partial replacement of lime or in addition to lime, in mortar, grout and coating mixes. Masonry Aid #190’s hygroscopic gelling action helps to provide a buttery mix and ensures complete hydration of the cement in hot weather. Masonry Aid #190 reduces capillarity tube formation, efflorescence, hair-line cracks and increases bond strength. Masonry Aid #190 eliminates surface streaking and intensifies color shades in mixes containing iron oxide colorants.


  • Reduces water absorption
  • Improves workability in hot weather
  • Increases freeze thaw resistance and bond strength
  • Enhances air content
  • Provides uniform color
  • Economical
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-corrosive

COMPOSITION: Medium viscosity proprietary gellant based solution. Masonry Aid #190 does not contain any calcium chloride or intentionally added chlorides that would initiate or promote corrosion of reinforcement steel, or contribute to efflorescence.

TECHNICAL DATA: Independent laboratory comparison of mortar mixes specifically for Flexural Bond Strength and ASTM C-270 Conformance with addition of Masonry Aid #190.Tests run @ 70°F (21° C) ambient temperature.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Reduce mixing water by the amount of Masonry Aid #190 to be introduced to the mix. Mix mortar, stucco, plaster, grout or other cementitious coatings to the desired consistency. Add the required amount of Masonry Aid #190 to the mix to “tie up” the free water, producing a creamy mix consistency. Add Masonry Aid #190 slowly at the tail end of the mixing cycle while agitating.


  • For a direct lime replacement to Portland cement mixes, add 32 oz. per bag of cement.
  • For addition to Portland and lime mixes, add 16 oz. per bag of cement.
  • For Masonry cement, add 16 oz. per bag of cement.

Stucco, Plaster, Grout and other cementitious mixes

  • Add 8 oz. to 16 oz. per bag as needed.

SHIPPING NAME: Concrete Admixture – Water base – Not regulated


AVAILABLE IN: 1 gallon (3.78 L), 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, 265 gallon (1000 L) containers.