Green EZ® Floor Stripper

Heavy-duty, yet non-caustic adhesive and coatings removal solution


Green EZ™ Floor Stripper is a heavy-duty, yet non-hazardous, non-caustic, environmentally safe stripping solution formulated using soybean-based ingredients. It is designed to remove adhesives, acrylics, paints, urethanes, varnishes, epoxies, and related coatings from interior concrete and masonry surfaces. It is a slow drying composition that allows the removal of multiple layers of coatings in one application. Green EZ™ Floor Stripper is manufactured with biodegradable components and may qualify for project LEED credits.


  • Removes dissolved paint, sealer, mastic, and coating residue from floor stripping applications
  • Low odor for safe indoor use
  • Concentrated formula for cost reduction
  • Environmentally friendly LEED generating
  • Green EZ™ Strip & Clean System component

COVERAGE / SUGGESTED DILUTION / USE RATIOS: Approx. 175-225 sq. ft./gallon. Actual square footage will depend on the dilution rate used as well as the method of application 

SUGGESTED DILUTION / USE RATIOS: Dilute Green EZ™ Strip & Clean Finishing Cleaner 1:3 by volume with clean water for normal coatings, adhesive, and mastic residual removal. For tougher, heavily deposited residuals use at full strength. 

APPLICATION: Apply the diluted or concentrated Green EZ™ Strip & Clean Finishing Cleaner solution generously to the surface to be cleaned by simply by pouring or spraying onto the horizontal surface. Spread and agitate lightly with a brush.