Green EZ® Finishing Cleaner

Designed for complete removal of adhesive, coatings and mastic residue.


Finishing Cleaner is an environmentally safe cleaning solution formulated primarily with biodegradable based ingredients. Green EZ™ Strip & Clean Finishing Cleaner is designed for complete removal of adhesives, coatings, and mastic residue. Green EZ™ Strip & Clean Finishing Cleaner is an environmentally friendly formula manufactured with very low VOCs and may qualify for project LEED credits.


  • Removes dissolved paint, sealer, mastic, and coating residue from floor stripping applications
  • Low odor for safe indoor use
  • Concentrated formula for cost reduction
  • Environmentally friendly LEED generating
  • Green EZ™ Strip & Clean System component

COMPOSITION: Contains biodegradable components and alkaline builders, no phosphates or solvents.

SHIPPING NAME: Concrete Degreaser Solution-Water Base – Not Regulated.

STORAGE: 40° to 90° F. Protect from freezing.