Low viscosity, fast setting bonding adhesive for anchoring or epoxy mortar base.  Complies with ASTM C-881 Types 1, 2, 4, 5, Grade 1, Classes B, C. 3/4 or 3 gallon units.


G-10 Epoxy Grout is a pre-measured, three component unit consisting of Component A base, Component B hardener and Component C aggregate. G-10 resin is 100% solids, solvent free and moisture insensitive. The aggregate (Component C) is tinted light gray for closer color match to concrete substrates. G-10 Epoxy Grout provides a very high strength and is formulated as a foundation grout for heavy equipment and machinery such as generators, rolling mills, pulverizers, heavy compressors and other heavy equipment. G-10 Epoxy Grout is also suitable for patching and repair of concrete and masonry surfaces.


  • Very high early strengths and ultimate compressive strengths.
  • Solvent free formulation for low odor applications.
  • Pre-measured components for easy mixing and uniform batching consistency.
  • Ideal choice for repairs requiring a high compressive strength at an early stage with limited downtime.


  • Component A: 100% solids liquid epoxy resin
  • Component B: Liquid amine cure
  • Component C: Aggregate

MIXING SMALL: Small unit: 0.40 ft3 = 0.83 gallons Component A (Resin), 0.16 gallon Component B (Cure) ,and 40.00 pounds Component C (Aggregate) packed inside a single pail-Approx. shipping weight = 48 lb. gross-  Combine the 0.83 gallon of Part A “resin” to the 0.17 gallon of Part B “hardener”, in a clean mixing container (5 gallon pail) and mix thoroughly at slow speed with an electric drill and paddle (jiffy) mixer. After 2 minutes of mixing, add Part C Aggregate (40.00 lb.) and continue mixing until a uniform consistency is obtained. The G-10 Epoxy Grout mixed consistency is designed to be of a plastic (trowelable), but not pourable.

MIXING LARGE: Large unit: 2.00 ft3 = 4.15 gallons Component A (Resin), 0.83 gallon Component B (Cure) , and 4-50 pound bags Component C (Aggregate)-packed individually Approx. shipping weight (combined total) = 258 lb. gross (6 pieces)Combine 4.15 gallons of Part A “resin”, to 0.85 gallon of Part B “hardener”, in a clean mixing container (suggested 6 gallon “oversize” pail) and mix thoroughly at slow speed with an electric drill and paddle (jiffy) mixer. After 2 minutes of mixing, transfer the mixed epoxy to a traditional mortar mixer and immediately add Part C “aggregate” (4-50 lb bags = 200.00 lb. total ) and continue mixing until a uniform consistency is obtained. Transfer to buckets and place the mixed epoxy grout within 10-15 minutes.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oils, salts, laitance and other contaminates. Remove defective concrete, cavities, cracks, voids and other defects by routing to sound material. Sandblast, shotblast or acid etch surfaces to provide a clean absorptive substrate. Sandblast steel to a minimum gray metal finish and protect the steel from moisture following sandblasting. Forms for base plates and machinery bases should be set to allow for rapid and continuous placement and complete filling of the space with G-10 Epoxy Grout. Support elements should be anchored so that no movement is possible. Forms should be tight and left in place for the positive expansion of the grout. Edges of concrete to be grouted shall be cut back to form a uniform butt.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the mixed G-10 Epoxy Grout by trowel or screed to the cleaned concrete surface. Try to place the material on one side of the repair area to avoid air entrapment. Rods and plungers may be used to facilitate placement.

Component A: Epoxy Resin / CAS# 025085-99-8 / Not currently regulated by D.O.T.
Component B: Aliphatic Amine / CAS# 111-40-0 Diethylenetriamine – DETA
Component C: Blend of Cement / CAS#65997-15-1 & Crystalline Silica CAS# 14808-60-7

SHIPPING CLASS: ORM-D status (under 66 lb. total gross weight/package)
ITEM 155250, SUB 2, Freight Class 65-Epoxy Based Grout for Concrete

STORAGE: Ideal storage is between 60º to 80º F. Keep from freezing.

SHELF LIFE: 2 year stored properly. Depending on storage conditions, the shelf life may be extended.