Green EZ® Furniture Stripper

Environmentally Friendly Furniture Stripping Solution


Green EZ® Furniture Stripper is heavy-duty, yet non-hazardous, non-caustic, environmentally safe stripping solution formulated using soybean-based ingredients. Designed to remove adhesives, acrylics, paints, urethanes, varnishes, epoxies, and related coatings from wood or metal surfaces. Its’ slow drying composition allows for the removal of multiple layers of coatings in one application. Manufactured with biodegradable components.


  • Heavy-duty formula dissolves & removes paints & coatings without damaging the wood.
  • Semi-gelled viscosity allows the application to vertical surfaces with minimal runoff.
  • Slow dry time allows easy removal of multiple layers of coatings in a single application.
  • Low gumming formulation dissolves easily with rinsing for faster clean-up.
  • Contains no caustic agents minimizing potential health hazards.
  • Clear light amber color with virtually no odor.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Applicator should read and understand all product technical data, label, and SDS information before using this product. Users should test an area before overall application to determine suitability and results. Remove excessive coatings from the surface with a scraper or wire brush if they are already loose. Masonry construction guidelines listed under Chapter 5 of ACI 531R-79 Building Code Requirements for Concrete Masonry Structures. 

COVERAGE: Approximately 100-150 sq. ft. / gallon. Actual square footage will depend on the method of application as well as the type and age of the coating to be stripped, along with the corresponding thickness or number of layers involved in the removal process. Vertical applications will typically range on the lower part of the specification when applied at a typical 1/8-inch thickness.

COMPOSITION: Soy-based formulation with proprietary agents and rheology modifiers. Contains no methylene chloride or glycol ether components.

APPLICATION: Green EZ® Furniture Stripper should be shaken or lightly mixed before use to ensure uniformity of the cleaner. Apply by use of a brush to all exposed areas. Green EZ® Furniture Stripper is of medium viscosity and should be applied in a thick, even layer. Allow the material adequate time to penetrate and react with the coating which will aid surface softening and speed the removal process. GGreen EZ® Furniture Stripper works best with longer dwell times of 3-4 hours minimum. Depending on coating type or thickness, overnight applications are sometimes helpful. Green EZ® Furniture Stripper will remain wet for several hours, so the user should refrain from any scraping of the entire surface until the surface has had time to loosen. Note that the longer the Green EZ® Furniture Stripper remains on the surface, the easier it will be to remove the subsequent coating. Check periodically with a scraper in random areas to make sure the Green EZ® Furniture Stripper penetrating all the way to the substrate base. If any coating remains on the surface from the first stripping pass, the sequence should be repeated if necessary until all coating is softened and remove.