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ECOGUARD Color Infusion

ECOGUARD Color Infusion

ECOGUARD Color Infusion is a concentrate which is diluted 1:7 parts by volume with potable water. Color Infusion is intended to be applied by spray using a conical fine spray tip equipped pump-up sprayer or a standard fan tip and spread by synthetic microfiber applicator. Spray Color Infusion at a rate of about 400 to 600 SF per gallon

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ECOGUARD Pore Filler

ECOGUARD Pore Filler

An incredible time saver and concrete “evener”. Simply put, it represents a major breakthrough in a one step densification and hardening process, combined with a thermally reactive water borne resin which reacts with the ground cement, and creates a paste, filling all pores, depressions, and small cracks up to 5 mm in depth/width. 

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