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Water based, breathable, semi-transparent formulations designed to color to concrete and masonry structures, while retaining both the texture and the natural characteristic of the surface.


OCERA Opus Series Stains are water based, breathable, semi-transparent formulations designed to color to concrete and masonry structures, while retaining both the texture and the natural characteristic of the surface. Opus stains are designed using recently developed nano-pigment technology, which allows a higher degree of permeability and color distribution into the substrate due to their fine size and non-settling properties. Opus stains are pigment based formulation and contain no dyes, thereby exhibiting high resistance to fading from sunlight. Opus stains contain minimal amounts of volatile petroleum solvents and do not exhibit any objectionable odors, making them safe to use in enclosed, interior applications. Opus stains contain no waxes that can yellow, discolor or inhibit bond to subsequent applied coatings or sealants.


  • Achieve beautiful, natural colors that exhibit mottled hues and tone.
  • Exhibit a high degree of reaction equal to alternative acid stains without the additional hazards of transport, use and personal protection.
  • Can be used to make quick and easy color corrections over existing stains for routine maintenance.
  • Contain no light sensitive dyes or additives that will fade over time, making them safe for outdoor applications with a few color exceptions.

APPLICATION: OCERA Opus Stains can be used for decorative concrete including flatwork, stamped and textured concrete, concrete counter tops, concrete masonry units, stucco, mortar, grout, and most any other Portland based surface. They can be used safely in either indoor or outdoor applications.

COLORS AND FINISHES: OCERA Opus Stains are available in 21 standard shades that can be mixed together for additional translucent color tones or effects. Custom colors are available upon request. Concrete Earth recommends that a test application be made on the actual surface to be treated, to accurately determine coverage rates and for customer approval of both color and appearance.

COVERAGE: Coverage rates will vary on above dilution sequence, however, they are approximately 150-200 square feet per gallon depending on concrete porosity. Coverage will typically be at the higher range for hard troweled or mechanically finished concrete, and at the lower range if concrete is broom finished, very rough or absorptive, or if application conditions are hot or windy. For slightly lighter shades or cost reduction reasons, the OCERA Opus Stains can be cut with water 1 to 3 by volume. For slightly darker hues, OCERA Opus Stains should be applied “as is”, or can be re-applied with an additional coat after the first coat has fully penetrated (usually 30-40 minutes).

LIMITATIONS: OCERA Opus Stains are intended for translucent (transparent) type color alterations, and should not be used for high hide or opaque type applications where total substrate coverage is desired. OCERA Opus Stains must be sealed with a clear topcoat sealer such as Concrete Earth Envirosheen or Supersheen 350 to protect the stained surface from weathering and abrasion. The substrate should be dry to the touch, approx 1 – 2 hours, before sealing. For a more water resistant option in exterior or wet applications, the use of Concrete Earth Stone Transitions ‘Natural Series” stain is recommended for improved “anti-wash out” properties. Also note that when using red colored stains (Ruby, Aztec, and Sienna), in exterior applications that potential fading may occur if used in direct sunlight.

AVAILABLE IN: 1 quart (0.95L) (6 quarts/case), 1 gallon (3.78L) bottles (4 gallons / case), and 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails Note- For pre-testing needs, smaller sized 4 oz individual sample bottles, or 21 color sample kit, are available.

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