Curbing System



W-50 Plasticizer

Specco W-50 Plasticizer is a neutral, biodegradable, lubricating liquid chemical additive designed to reduce shrinkage and cracking that can occur in low slump concrete mixes. The lubricating properties of W-50 Plasticizer also contribute to easier placement and extrusion of the concrete while providing a smooth, densified surface.

#1920 Auger Aid

This is a combination water reducer/viscosity modifier, for curbing machines specifically, it provides a more workable mix with higher compressive strengths and less change of freeze thaw damage.

Surface Treatments

EZ-Trowel Concentrate

EZ Trowel Concentrate once diluted to a “Ready To Use” state, is a moisture evaporation reducer designed to help produce quality concrete flatwork by combating rapid drying conditions caused by high heat, strong winds, low humidity, direct sunlight and the use of accelerators in the mix. EZ Trowel Concentrate forms a lubricating gelled surface film which reduces plastic shrinkage cracking and wind crusting and allows the surface to remain plastic for extended finishing time.

Decorative Coatings

Accent Release Liquid

Accent Release Liquid forms a lubricating barrier that prevents sticking, concrete build-up, and friction between the texturing mats and the freshly placed concrete.

Accent Release Powder

Specco Accent Release Powder is a blend of fine pigments and water-repelling additives designed to prevent freshly placed concrete from adhering to concrete texture mats. Accent Release Powder transfers the details of stamping mats to freshly placed concrete in matching or contrasting colors.

Davis Colors

Davis Colors™ are strong durable and last as long as the concrete. Installation is cleaner and easier than toppings, stains, or coatings and requires less labor.


C-15 Cure & Seal

C-15 Cure & Seal is a clear acrylic copolymer, solvent-based, curing, sealing, hardening and dust-proofing compound for interior (see cautions) and exterior concrete. C-15 will form an impervious film that is resistant to the alkali present in fresh cement, and will retain moisture for freshly placed concrete ensuring proper strength development.

PaveSheen 350

Pavesheen 350 is a clear acrylic copolymer, solvent-based, sealing and hardening compound for exterior concrete hardscape surfaces. Pavesheen 350 will form an impervious non-yellowing film that is resistant to sun exposure and retains high levels of gloss retention over time. 


Pavesheen is a clear acrylic copolymer, solvent-based, curing, sealing, hardening and dust-proofing compound for interior (see cautions) and exterior concrete.

SuperSheen 350

Supersheen 350 is a clear solvent based, acrylic copolymer designed for sealing, hardening and dust-proofing interior (see cautions) and exterior concrete. Supersheen 350 will form an impervious film that will exhibit high bond adhesion and excellent durability. 

Clean Up

B-41 Re-Solve

Specco B-41 Re-Solve is a blend of Xylene solvents that may be used to lower the viscosity of epoxies, paints, and sealers. B-41 ReSolve can also be used to clean rollers, mixing, or sprayers and related equipment after use. B-41 Re-Solve is commonly used as a “solvent wash” remedy on high solids acrylic cure and seal film-forming products that have exhibited significant degrees of blushing or water whitening from moisture trapped within the film. Can also be used to help remove stubborn stains or deposits like grease, oil, and related hydrocarbons from concrete if traditional degreasers or cleaners do not perform adequately.