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Clean & Prep C-20 Detergent

Alkaline-Based Cleaning Solution


Specco Clean & Prep C-20 Detergent is an environmentally safe, alkaline-based, cleaning solution formulated to remove grease, oils, dirt, rubber tire marks, and other hydrocarbons from concrete and masonry surfaces. Clean & Prep C-20 Detergent is a low viscosity, a low foaming cleaner that rinses easily leaving little if any residue on the substrate. Clean & Prep C-20 Detergent can be used interior or exterior for general clean-up or stain removal prior to acid etching or mechanical surface preparations for coating applications. Typical uses include garages, patios, repair shops, driveways, and walkways.


  • Economical, ready to use formulation
  • Dissolves oil stains and grease deposits very quickly
  • Safe to use with most scrubbing machines and cleaning equipment
  • Low foaming and easy rinsing
  • Low odor formulation contains minimal V.O.C.

COMPOSITION: Alkaline-based cleaner with added stain removers, co-solvents, and cleaning surfactants