Chloride based accelerating liquid.


Specco A-10 Accelerator is a liquid calcium chloride solution that is added to masonry mixes to accelerate the normal set-time and to lower the freezing point of the mix. Additionally, A-10 Accelerator increases the ultimate strength and improves the workability of the batch materials.


  • Reduces set times.
  • Improves work ability.
  • Increases strength development in Portland cement mixes at crucial early stages.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Specco recommends a field test or trial mix be run in order to determine the optimum dosage needed for set time and rate of strength gain requirements. The A-10 Accelerator dosage will vary with job site temperature, air movement, mortar or grout temperature and mass, mix design components or other admixtures, as well as heat, insulation, or wind-break protective measures used. For additional reference, Specco recommends following the cold weather masonry construction guidelines listed under Chapter 5 of ACI 531R-79 Building Code Requirements for Concrete Masonry Structures. A-10 Accelerator may be added either to the mixing water or directly to the mortar batch. Typical mix water dilutions with water (by volume) are 1:7 at 15º F, 1:10 at 20º F, 1:15 at 25º F. When adding A-10 Accelerator directly to the batch materials, reduce mixing water accordingly. The batch materials must be mixing while adding A-10 Accelerator. After mixing for a minimum of 3-5 minutes, the mixing drum should not idle, and the contents should be discharged and used within one hour

DOSAGE: Typical dosage amounts are shown below. The dosage can be increased as needed to accelerate the setting time and both early and ultimate strength gain. A-10 Accelerator may be added to the mix in the following proportions. The Portland Cement Association recommends that calcium chloride be added at no greater than 2% of the cement weight to avoid any long term corrosion problems with reinforcement steel. Therefore, A-10 Accelerator can be added at a maximum rate of approximately 2.4 quarts per bag of cement to keep the chloride at this 2% level. However, temperatures colder than 20°F may still require higher dosages to provide adequate set as shown below.

COMPOSITION: 32% calcium chloride solution

SHIPPING NAME: Masonry Admixture – Water base – Not regulated

SHIPPING CLASS: ITEM 33880, SUB 2, Freight Class 55 

STORAGE: Ideal storage is between 60º F to 80º F. SHELF LIFE: 1 year properly stored. 

AVAILABLE IN: 1 Gallon (3.78 L), 5 Gallon (18.9 L), 30 Gallon (113.4 L), 55 Gallon (208 L), 265 Gallon (1000 L), 330 Gallon (1245 L) containers.