Low range water reducer with added viscosity modifier designed specifically for volumetric (auger style) mixers. Complies with ASTM C-494 Type A specifications.


#1920 Auger Aid® is combination water reducing, plasticizing, and viscosity-controlling admixture formulated primarily for mobile mix or continuous “auger” type concrete mixers. #1920 Auger Aid® contains a low range water reducer which allows increased compressive strength and durability of the cured concrete. Additionally, the formulation contains a viscosity modifier which reduces excess surface bleed water and aggregate segregation, and prevents false set of the concrete in the auger between discharges.


  • LOWER (W/C) WATER TO CEMENT RATIO: #1920 Auger Aid® works effectively by dispersing the cement particles so less water is required for flowability and placement. By lowering the (W/C) water/cement ratio, the concrete mix will generate higher compressive strengths with less potential for surface damage.
  • EASIER PLACEMENT: Due to the dispersing and viscosity control action of #1920 Auger Aid® on the cement, the added workability helps extend the placement (open) time of the concrete without added vibration or screeding. #1920 Auger Aid® helps prevent false set of the concrete in the auger cycle, which can happen in warm weather, with faster setting mix designs or if interruption occurs during placement.
  • SHRINKAGE CONTROL: #1920 Auger Aid® decreases surface water bleeding and resulting concrete shrinkage. The water of hydration is held integrally and not pushed to the surface adding workability and cohesiveness to the plastic concrete. A volume stabilized “closed cell” concrete structure results, which is less susceptible to water permeability and shrinkage cracking in weather variations. This in turn decreases freeze-thaw damage potential (surface scaling) and increases resistance to attack by deicing chemicals.
  • EASIER FINISHING: #1920 Auger Aid® reduces splashing during concrete placement and aids surface finishing in flatwork by holding the hydration water in the matrix for an extended period. This allows easier troweling with less drag or pull on the concrete and stronger compaction at the surface.
  • COLOR CONSISTENCY: When added to integral colored mixes, #1920 Auger Aid® will reduce color variations or streaking problems caused by vibration and segregation. When used in other decorative work such as extruded curbing or precast roof tile production, #1920 Auger Aid® provides color uniformity and minimizes efflorescence (salting) potential.

COMPOSITION: Viscosity modified lignosulfonate based solution. #1920 Auger Aid® does not contain any calcium chloride or intentionally added chlorides that would initiate or promote corrosion of reinforcement steel, or contribute to efflorescence.

TECHNICAL DATA: #1920 Auger Aid complies with ASTM C 494 Type A and AASHTO M-194 specifications for water reducing admixtures. Independent ASTM C-494 laboratory test data is available upon request. 

AVAILABLE IN: 5 gallon (18.9 L) pails, 55 gallon (208 L) drums, 265 gallon (1000 L) containers.